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    Yoon-Seo is a warm and approachable medical student who has over three years of experience as a private tutor. Having attended two of the country’s most prestigious grammar schools, she is more than familiar with the ins-and-outs of the 11+ entrance exam. She understands that children preparing for the 11+ need a flexible tutor who is ‘quick to catch on’ to their needs and will endeavour to provide an adaptable yet rigorous approach.

    Her stellar academic record in both GCSEs (12A*s) and A-Levels (3A*, 1A), as well as scoring impressively in the BMAT and UCAT undoubtedly aided Yoon-Seo’s university application. However, she understands how difficult it is to juggle academic work, entrance exams, personal statements, interview preparation and extra-curricular activities in order to fulfil the severely high requirements to get into medical school. She hopes to use her first-hand experience and dedication to tutoring to help students manoeuvre their way through this sometimes elusive and challenging process.

    Yoon-Seo aims to build rapport with all of her students and foster an atmosphere that is encouraging, engaging, and nourishing. She is aware that information should be delivered at an appropriate level in digestible chunks, and wholly believes in feedback and evaluation both for her tutees and herself as a tutor.

    While her academic interests lie in anatomy, surgery, and infectious diseases, in her free time, Yoon-Seo enjoys modelling busts and torsos with clay and relishes staring at arcane sculptures in well-lit art galleries.