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Will grew up in South London and studied at Westminster School before going up to The Queen’s College, University of Oxford, securing a first class degree in Musicology.  He then went on to gain a Master’s with distinction and an Advanced Diploma in Opera at the Royal Academy of Music. He has performed extensively at Glyndebourne and worked with many other companies both as a principle and in the ensemble.  Alongside his work and study in music, Will has always maintained his interest in other areas, going abroad to study languages as well as reading avidly and attending exhibitions.

His pedagogic philosophy is essentially Socratic, believing that it is essential to enable the student to make discoveries themselves and that if they are enthusiastic about the subject and keen to do their own research, then what they learn will be remembered for longer – particularly once they understand things in a greater context.  However, students need to learn the techniques in order to enable learning and guidance about what is going to help them the most.  He understands that sometime a pragmatic approach is best with exams looming large on the horizon, and he can also accommodate those requirements. He has a wide range of teaching experience, having tutored a variety of subjects up to A level, including English for 11+ and German GCSE.  He also worked as a teaching assistant, which means that he is familiar with the classroom atmosphere, enabling students to find their voice.