What we offer

online tuition

Regardless of where you are in the world, Dulwich Tutors can give you access to the very best tuition available. Highly effective, convenient and interactive tutorials can easily fit into your weekly schedule.

Ongoing professional development allows our tutors to keep up to date with innovations in online learning. With both schools and exam boards embracing online testing, our tutors develop each student’s ability to succeed in a fast-changing world.

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Home Tuition

Many of our tutors are happy to travel to your home. Whether you require support with Primary Level, Common Entrance, GCSE, A Level tuition or University Entrance preparation, our tutors are there to help each student achieve their full potential.

Primary Level and Common Entrance

Whether your child needs to build confidence, keep pace with their schoolwork, or guidance preparing for competitive school entry exams, SATs and scholarships, we are here to help and advise.

Our experienced tutors are adept at preparing children for 7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+ entrance exams at the school of their choice. Many can also help SEN students or those with other learning support needs.

Oxbridge Entrance

Dulwich Tutors regularly help students prepare for the challenging Oxbridge interview process. Having successfully completed the process themselves, our Oxbridge graduate tutors are attuned to the unique demands and rigour of the application procedure.

Tutors engage students in investigative critical-thinking sessions, which concentrate on the assimilation and analysis of ideas, to foster the imagination and courage they will need.

GCSE and A level

Whether studying GCSE or iGCSE, IB or A level, our tutors are familiar with all exam boards; OCR, Edexcel, CIE, AQA etc.

Students who want to consolidate their knowledge before examination, develop exam technique, or improve their grades for University Entrance, can realise their potential via our one-to-one tutorials.

Many of our tutors have a degree (or a postgraduate degree/doctorate) in a specialised subject area. We check the calibre of their qualifications, teaching ability and child safeguarding knowledge before they become a Dulwich Tutor.