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    Wanda attended school in her native Germany, before coming to the UK in 2016 to pursue higher education. She has a first-class degree in Philosophy and Italian from the University of Oxford, and has been offered two scholarships to continue her studies on the MPhil Stud in Philosophy at UCL (starting in September 2023). Before starting her teaching career, Wanda worked in publishing. She has lived and worked in various countries, including as a teaching assistant in Italy, and is fluent in four languages (English, German, Italian and Spanish).

    Currently working at Dulwich College, Wanda is a passionate teacher of Religion, Philosophy and German, teaching pupils between Key Stages 2 and 5 in these subjects. Beyond the classroom, Wanda oversees the school’s co-curricular Philosophy Club and runs an after-school German GCSE preparation class for pupils from other schools. Wanda has also been involved in marking the 11+ and 13+ entrance exams at Dulwich College, which allows her to provide invaluable support to students embarking on their school application journeys.

    In addition to her work within the classroom, Wanda possesses extensive experience as a dedicated tutor, both in-person and online. Her expertise spans across a range of subjects, and she has taught both children and adults. Notably, she has successfully mentored multiple students through the Oxbridge Admissions process, assisting them in all stages of their applications.

    Recognising that students flourish when they feel intellectually respected and are encouraged to ask questions, Wanda strives to create a space where they can thrive. She possesses invaluable experience in working with students with special educational needs, and she has successfully guided learners from diverse nationalities and with varying learning styles. By tailoring her teaching methods to meet the unique requirements of each student, she ensures personalised and effective instruction that resonates with their individual needs.