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Thomas is an engaging, thoughtful and thoroughly empathetic tutor who seeks to understand students concerns and encourage their ambition.

He recently graduated from the University of Sheffield achieving first class (honours) in a Masters of Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Technology. He has been awarded The Global Scholarship ,from his University, and Best Student and Best Project certificate from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He was Educated locally at The Charter School studying Mathematics (A*), Chemistry (A*) and Physics (A) at A Level. He has sustained a passion for science and mathematics for all of his adult life pushing him to pursue a varied and successful professional and academic career. He has a deep belief in a style of teaching which is interactive, diagrammatic and well structured with an long term educational road map made in the first session of tutoring. Thomas believes that a teaching style must be dynamic and adapt to the specific needs of the student. As an individual with dyslexia he understands that not all students learn in the same way but that this does not have to create a barrier to learning. His own experience of over coming this learning difficulty has inspired him to take up tutoring so that he may help other students overcome their own challenges.

His tutoring experience started with volunteering teaching chess at the primary school Judith Kerr. He then took on a mentor role as the President and Secretary of the Mechanical Engineering Society teaching students in the years below me on the subjects of advanced mathematics, technical report writing and thermodynamics.

His broad experience of volunteering, to working within an international nuclear engineering consultancy has given him not just a breadth of knowledge but also made him an intensely personable individual.

As an avid reader who enjoys sailing and cricket in the summer, we hope you will find Thomas a pleasure to work with.