He taught our bright but somewhat lazy daughter for the 6 months up to her A level.

He was always punctual, very polite and very dedicated.

He was very calm and a very able teacher, slowly engaging with a very reluctant student. Zeb is clearly very bright and did not teach in a rote type way, he managed to re-engage her interest in the subject. He provided a lot of extra questions and hand outs, he always came prepared for lessons. Zeb really went far beyond what a once a week tutor would do and became very engaged to help her do her best. I really don’t think anyone could have tried harder.

I would recommend Zeb very highly to anyone wanting to do better in their exams

— N.T.


“J. was completely against getting a tutor, so I proceeded on a trial basis thinking that if he hated it he could stop. J. adores football, however he will now choose a lesson with Leo (Tutor) ahead of a football game with his friends!

He has a greater love of English since working with Leo. His confidence and ability to describe stuff he’s learnt has massively improved. J. could get stressed by school and is prone to headaches. But, it seems that Leo’s approach is such that there is no stress yet lots of learning, what is most important is that he enjoys learning with Leo in a stress-free way – thus retaining more too!

Leo arrives at our house on time and with such good humour. I work from home that day, and so hear his lovely interactions with both our nanny and J. and it makes me smile.”

TUTOR: Grainne

Thank you so much for appointing Grainne as a tutor to my daughter. In a  space of 4 months she has made a big difference. My daughter felt comfortable with Grainne from day one and said she understood everything so much better than she had with her previous tutor. She has now taken all 4 entrance exams that she wanted to and has already been called back for an interview for one! Thank you Grainne for bringing out the best in my daughter!

— N.K.


“I cannot recommend Kieran enough! A brilliant tutor for my 10 year old in his preparations for the 11+ we’ve been working with him twice a week since last July. In that time I’ve gotten to know him as a charming, bright, and reliable tutor whom my children adore – so much so that my 6 year old demanded to be tutored with him as well!

He strikes the right balance of light-hearted banter and hard work. He seems to instinctively understand just how hard to push so that my son enjoyed his lessons without getting overwhelmed or stressed. That said he took my son from average results on his mock exam to excellent results on the 11+ in 6 months time.

However as every parent knows the proof is in the results: Our son passed every exam and got into EVERY SCHOOL HE APPLIED TO for which I cannot thank Kieran enough. Any student would be lucky to be in the care of this excellent tutor.”

— Tara V.


“Indra and myself are very happy with Jess and Indra’s life has been turned around at school. Jess picked up that she needed her eyes tested; she is now sporting a super pair of glasses! She is also being assessed for dyslexia, which is a relief after being frustrated for so long. Now we realize that she is intelligent, she just needs extra help! It only took Jess two sessions to discover all this and I have been banging my head against a brick wall for a long time. Jess has put us on the right track; I cannot imagine how we coped before we had Jess in our lives!”

— R.O.


“Nick’s tutorials with our 12 year old son have made a noticeable difference in his confidence with both his written and spoken English.  He has also developed an enjoyment of reading for pleasure that he did not have previously. 
We would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for an English tutor for their child.”

– D.C.