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TUTOR: Patrick

“Patrick is great! He has been tutoring my eldest son for about a year now – first in GCSE maths, further maths and latin and now maths and further maths A level. My son thinks a lot of Patrick – he is patient, friendly and approachable and was especially helpful during the odd panicky moment pre-exams! Patrick has also recently started tutoring my other son in GCSE Maths and I’m sure from past experience that he will help boost my son’s confidence and enjoyment in a subject that isn’t his favourite. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a tutor”

— S.M.


“Tom Fenton is a marvellous tutor, striking a perfect balance of erudition, encouragement, judicious pressure, kindness and humour. His work with my daughter produced stellar results in the form of three scholarships; I can’t recommend him too highly.”

— J.B.


“Colin was frank and reliable and built a great relationship with our son K, currently at a state primary school, such that he was really self -motivated to achieve the best he possibly could in his 11+ exams. Unbelievably, K mostly looked forward to his tutor sessions! As a result he got offers from all schools we applied for – City of London Boys, Dulwich College and Wallington County Grammar school. Thanks Colin, great job!”

— J.S. SW2

TUTOR: Emmanuel

“Emmanuel has taught both of my teenagers and has been fantastic at taking the stress and mystery out of maths and sciences! He is calm, empathetic and intuitive, and uses his substantial teaching skills to instill new confidence in the subjects. Having a science background myself, I have been extremely grateful for a. his mastery of his subjects, and b. his ability to flex and adapt to sudden changes.”

— D.A.


“Hestia’s patience combined with a calm and friendly attitude really helped our daughter N to be more patient herself and to take more thought in her learning process. In amongst the maths and english tuition Hestia also taught N to crochet, and placed a high value on N’s other interests, which has helped N to grow into herself as both an interested and interesting human being!

N ( currently at a state primary) was awarded scholarships at both sydenham and streatham &clapham, and more importantly was offered her dream place at City of London Girls.
Thanks Hestia!”

— J.S. SW2, Head of Tuition


“Indra and myself are very happy with Jess and Indra’s life has been turned around at school. Jess picked up that she needed her eyes tested; she is now sporting a super pair of glasses! She is also being assessed for dyslexia, which is a relief after being frustrated for so long. Now we realize that she is intelligent, she just needs extra help! It only took Jess two sessions to discover all this and I have been banging my head against a brick wall for a long time. Jess has put us on the right track; I cannot imagine how we coped before we had Jess in our lives!”

— R.O.


“Just to let you know that our son who was tutored by Charlotte got into Dulwich College junior school after passing the 7+. Charlotte was a fantastic tutor and made the lessons fun and dynamic. Our son enjoyed his time with her and my husband and I would be more than happy to recommend Charlotte to other families.”

— D.B.

TUTOR: Daemienne

“We were very grateful to Daemienne for everything that she did. Daemienne really “got” our daughter from the start and was a constant encouragement to her with her enthusiasm and cheerfulness every single week to which she responded enormously. Her lessons were fun (in our daughter’s words “joyful”!), so there were no anxieties or pressures which is exactly what we wanted. Daemienne’s insights into how the process takes place helped us, alongside her own tutoring approach, to build confidence so that she could enter the assessments with a calm attitude. I am not sure if Daemienne has let you know of the results, but we applied to Sydenham Girls, Rosemead, Jags and Alleyn’s. Lily received an offer from all of them!”

— S.H.

TUTOR: Jenny H

“Thank you for all your help Jenny! Without you teaching me, I would have a hard time answering most mathematical questions and because of you, I feel more confident with my descriptive writing. It has been a pleasure cooperating with you and doing all the homework that you’ve set for me.”

— G.A. (year 8)


“We found Leo to be enthusiastic, reliable and punctual. Our son – to his surprise -found the sessions enjoyable and began to look forward to them. According to him Leo ‘made things which weren’t fun, fun’. Leo uses creative and imaginative teaching methods and so made the lessons interesting. He was always encouraging and our son was therefore keen to do well. Each session finished with some sort of a word game. Our son’s writing improved greatly, he sat two school entrance exams with increased confidence and we are happy to say he was offered places in each. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Leo as a committed, knowledgeable and fun teacher. ”

— C.O.

TUTOR: Lindsey C

“Lindsey has been tutoring me in IB biology (at Higher Level). In the beginning I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of information, but Lindsey has helped me to structure my revision from the first meeting onwards. She has put up various plans to co-ordinate my time and the subjects in such a way, that I now feel very confident with biology. Her outgoing and positive personality has also been supportive during the times in which I did not understand a topic. Lindsey has also explained these topics to me in such a manner that they are easy to understand and memorise. I am very happy that she has been helping me and I would happily recommend her to my friends.”

— Diana (IB Biology)