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In his own words, “I am a full time tutor with a DPhil in Particle Physics (Oxon), an MSc in Machine Learning (UCL) and an Insead MBA.

Prior to becoming a professional tutor I spent c. 25 years in the management consulting industry, 15 at Partner level. My areas of expertise were corporate and marketing strategy, operations improvement and data analytics and machine learning. I have lived and worked all over the world and have had a perennial weakness for self-learning – whether as a means of enhancing career trajectory (e.g., taking an MSc in Machine Learning as a mature student in order to set up my own data science company) or to access new experiences (e.g., learning several languages as an adult). I have personally benefited tremendously from the advantages conferred by education and I seek to enable those that I tutor to do the same. I have recruited, mentored and trained many successful young professionals over the years and prize the independent problem-solving skills and curiosity that have been their common attributes – qualities I now seek to stimulate and develop in my students, at all ages. As a father of three and former user of tutors, I have an appreciation of the expectations and priorities of both parent and child. 

I treat every student as an individual and tailor the teaching approach accordingly. I’ve often found that for many a critical ingredient to a successful learning experience – irrespective of age – is to bring each topic to life by making links to the real world, from explaining the almost banal everyday experiences that we often take for granted to the truly wonderful and amazing aspects of nature whose appreciation should be accessible to students of all levels (primary as well as secondary). I emphasize continuity of learning within a subject (ensuring that the student understands how each new aspect relates to those already covered) and across subjects (e.g., showing how an aspect of physics determines a biological outcome). This reinforces learning and helps develop a new level of holistic understanding.

I believe in the provision of transparent and structured feedback to parents to ensure that they understand progress made and the key areas of future focus. For those parents that wish it, I provide advice and guidance on where and how they can assist their child.”