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    Tariq specialises in teaching Mathematics, the Sciences and Computer Science to secondary school and sixth form students (KS3, GCSE, A level). He has taught all exam Boards across most of these subjects. He holds a DPhil in Physics (Oxon) and an MSc in Machine Learning (UCL).

    Tariq helps students materially raise their levels of motivation and engagement and, thus, academic performance by working with them to develop tailored revision plans, working through the curriculum contents, setting and marking past papers and spending time on exam technique.

    Tariq firmly believes that establishing a rapport with the student, tailoring the nature and pace of learning to the student, and adopting an engaging and encouraging style are ingredients equally as important as the technical tutoring of the specific subject matter. Parents can expect a high level of commitment to the academic success of their child. Students can expect an encouraging and engaging style that is no less demanding for it.

    As a father of three daughters and a former user of tutors himself, Tariq viscerally understands the parental angst that a child’s academic difficulties can often provoke. He alleviates this as much as possible by quickly diagnosing and agreeing a study plan and by providing parents with regular, structured feedback on progress and priorities.

    Aside from tutoring, Tariq is a freelance writer for tech companies (you can read some of his work at www.tariqkhatri.com) and fritters away the rest of his time on tennis courts across South London.


    “Tariq worked with my daughter to improve her GCSE grades in maths and physics resulting in an 8 and 9 in her GCSE exams. His structured approach and clear way of explaining complex material were extremely beneficial to my daughter and I would highly recommend him as a tutor.”

    “Tariq’s calm, positive and approachable manner, combined with his strong subject knowledge and skill as a tutor, have enabled my son to significantly increase his confidence and ability at Maths A level. Highly recommended.”
    “Tariq is an excellent tutor who explained the GCSE science syllabus to my daughter in a calm, thorough and proficient manner and ensured that she gained a complete understanding of all the topics in a relatively short space of time.”
    ‘Tariq is an excellent teacher. Patient but rigorous, he spotted early on that our daughter’s main problem was a lack of confidence – and a tendency to rush. He has worked with her on these issues, going over the topics she’s currently learning at school while also pushing her beyond the curriculum where appropriate. He’s friendly, reliable and conscientious and understands how to get the very best out of his pupils. Our daughter is now tracking towards the top of her class. Best of all, her whole attitude towards Maths – and her ability to do it – has been transformed.’
    “The sessions have gone really well. Tariq is everything you need in a tutor- calm, professional and knowledgeable. Even after two sessions I can see the boost it has given to my son. ”