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Tariq is a full time Admissions, GCSEs and A level tutor with a DPhil in Particle Physics (Oxon) and an MSc in Machine Learning (UCL).

He tutors students for 11+ entrance exams – covering all aspects (Mathematics, English, Reasoning, etc.). He tutors Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science to GCSE level, and Mathematics and Physics to A level.

Parents typically hire Tariq in one of two circumstances: either they have a concern over the academic performance of their child or they wish for additional support to give their child the best possible chances of success in upcoming exams and / or entrance interviews.

In the former case Tariq takes care to establish the nature of the underlying causes of performance difficulties – whether that be that foundational learning elements are missing, or the pupil needs help to “learn to learn”, or the issue is one of concentration, or of difficulties experienced purely under exam conditions, etc. Once the cause is clear a tailored plan of support is developed and shared with parents.

In the latter case Tariq often works with pupils to develop tailored revision plans, work with them through the curriculum contents, set and mark past papers and spend time on exam technique. In preparation for secondary school or university interviews Tariq coaches pupils on advanced topics that go beyond the curriculum and perform mock interviews.

Tariq has often found that for many pupils a critical ingredient to a successful learning experience – irrespective of age – is to bring each topic to life by making links to the real world, from explaining the almost banal everyday experiences that we often take for granted to the truly wonderful and amazing aspects of nature whose appreciation should be accessible to students of all ages. Tariq emphasises continuity of learning within a subject (ensuring that the student understands how each new aspect relates to those already covered) and across subjects (e.g., showing how an aspect of physics determines a biological outcome). This reinforces learning and helps develop a new level of understanding.

Prior to becoming a professional tutor Tariq spent many years in the management consulting industry and confesses that he has had a perennial weakness for self-learning – whether as a means of enhancing career trajectory or to access new experiences. Tariq feels that he has personally benefited tremendously from the advantages conferred by education and seeks to enable those that he tutors to do the same. Tariq has recruited, mentored and trained many successful young professionals over the years and prizes the independent problem-solving skills and curiosity that have been their common attributes – qualities he now seeks to stimulate and develop in his students, at all ages.