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    Stefan is a dedicated tutor committed to fostering academic success and nurturing a deep passion for scientific inquiry. With over 12 years of tutoring experience, he has guided students in exam preparation for various academic milestones, including university admissions.

    Graduating with a first-class Pharmacology MSci degree from University College London, Stefan’s academic journey reflects his profound understanding of biological sciences. As a Research Assistant at University College London and Yale University, he engaged in cutting-edge research on Alzheimer’s treatments and neurodegenerative diseases.

    Stefan’s tutoring philosophy centres on building confidence and igniting curiosity. Specialising in GCSE, A-Level, and IB Biology and Chemistry, he tailors his methods to individual learning styles. By integrating digital resources and past examination papers, Stefan ensures thorough comprehension and exam preparation, aligning closely with exam board expectations to optimise student performance and university prospects.