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Sophie H

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Sophie is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher who enjoys boosting her student’s confidence with regards to schoolwork and examinations. She attended Croydon High School, and this year was made a mentor as part of the GDST Alumnae Network.

She took a number of entrance tests at the age of 11 for schools in the Croydon area, and was herself tutored through that process. She hopes to be able to help students through the daunting period of applying to senior school, as she was helped by her tutor.

Having studied French, Spanish and Maths at A-Level, Sophie went on to study Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Nottingham. She perfected her language skills over 12 months living in Spain and Portugal in her third year, and graduated in 2015 with first class honours.

Sophie is passionate about modern languages and feels they are an important part of the curriculum. She enjoys using popular culture such as music to help enrich language education. She has experience teaching Spanish, French and Maths at a Key Stage 3,4 and 5 in a school environment.