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    Simeon is a fully bilingual French and English tutor. He was brought up in France and completed all his studies there up to the ‘baccalaureat’ level (A-level equivalent) which he passed with distinction. He also has a 1st class English Literature and Drama degree from the University of Kent.

    He is patient, thorough and devoted to his work. He has extensive experience in teaching classes as well as individuals of all ages and levels, including early Primary years. Simeon has also been trained in 7+ and 11+ exam preparation by our in-house Education Consultants.

    He can help prepare for exams or assist with homework and assignments. He also teaches adults or children with conversational or academic French, and can boost public speaking skills. Each lesson is adapted to the tutee’s own needs and preferences. Simeon lives full-time in France so he is not available to face-to-face tutorials in London.