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    Shama is an experienced teacher with over half a decade of experience across UK and US education systems, tutoring one-to-one and group sessions, teaching in seminars and lectures, marking assignments/essays, and preparing students for GCSE, A-levels, IB, SAT, SAT II, Advanced Placement (AP) Exams, and Oxbridge applications and interviews.

    He is a PhD Candidate and Marshall Scholar at the University of Cambridge where he has been a Supervisor at the Department of Politics & International Studies (POLIS) and Pembroke College.

    Shama has extensive experience providing instruction on theory, research methods and practice, critical thinking and argumentation which have enabled hundreds of A-level, undergraduate and MPhil students to perform their best across a range of subjects. These include Politics, Philosophy, Economics, International Relations, International Development, International Law, Environmental Studies, Research, English Language, English Literature, and Essay Writing.

    Between 2010 and 2014, Shama was also a writing tutor at St. John’s University’s Institute for Writing Studies in New York City. In this role, he tutored hundreds of undergraduate and post-graduate students across a range of disciplines in over 2500 one-to-one sessions, helping them to become aware of their writing strengths and weaknesses and developing strategies for becoming more effective, confident writers.
    Since 2018, Shama has also conducted mock interviews for A-level students as part of the Mock Oxbridge Interviews at Mayfield Grammar School in Gravesend.

    Shama is deeply motivated for his students to succeed and thrive using pedagogical approaches tailored to their specific learning needs. He is committed to fostering an interactive, creative and enjoyable learning experience that informs and engages students.
    Having worked at the US Department of State in Brussels and Washington, DC, Shama offers practical advice and coaching for students interested in pursuing careers in Public Policy, International Relations, Diplomacy, Economics, Civil Service, Professional Services, and Consulting.