Sarah L

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    Sarah has 8 years teaching and tutoring experience. She studied Archaeology & Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, is a fully qualified English and drama teacher and has worked as the Deputy, then Head, of the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) at a Secondary Academy, supporting and teaching 50+ students with ASC from year 7 to 11. Alongside this role, she taught mainstream English and drama and tutored in subjects including Oxbridge entrance, all levels of English and drama school audition preparation.

    Her wide ranging experience with students with Special Educational Needs, including ASC, Speech and Language needs, ADHD, dyslexia and higher ability, has informed her warm, encouraging and academically thorough approach to tutoring. She takes the holistic view that whilst exam success or a target grade may be the aim of our sessions, enjoyment and confidence are essential underpinnings for all students if they are going to thrive and succeed. Her advice to her students is: ‘do the hard part first: whatever you find trickiest, be it creative writing, a specific section of a Language paper or unpacking meaning from a Shakespeare sonnet, we will prioritise that and work together at your pace. You’ve got this!’

    Sarah is adaptable and intuitive and uses a range of materials she’s developed to support successful academic and personal outcomes for her students. She is passionate about ensuring equitable access to learning, regardless of a student’s start point and her work in the ARC means she understands well that every student is unique and she tailors tuition to all the needs of an individual student.