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Sam W


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    Sam is an empathetic tutor with very good listening skills and the ability to pinpoint areas of difficulty in a student’s understanding. Through an engaging and fun approach using questioning and answering he is able to get to the heart of a learning issue and then teach in a way suited to the student. Sam finds this highly tailored approach to education to be the best way to progress a students understanding rather than guiding a student through a generic plan.

    Sam prides himself on being able to explain ideas in a way that suits the interests of the student. Some students will want to know how ideas connect to each other to build more holistic understanding of the discipline. Other times, students prefer a more surface level understanding; here he will focus on making sure the correct methods are followed and understood. This adaptation to the needs and passions of the students means that you can work together both to achieve academic goals and foster passion for academia.

    In his own words. “My style is to ‘work backwards’. First we need to know precisely which the exam board, specification and mark-scheme the student is working on for the chosen exam. That way we can clearly establish what will be required to obtain the desired grades and actively work to pursue these results.

    I therefore believe that plans for the subject(s) we are studying are key to success; making sure obtainable but ambitious goals are set regularly and the student’s progress is frequently monitored to assess their progress towards this goal. However, my breadth of tutoring subjects also renders me flexible enough to meet the demands of the student’s school studies. For instance, we may be making strong progress towards achieving a 9 in GCSE Maths, then the student is faced with an impending English mock. I am happy to put Maths on hold for a session to make some improvements in English.”