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I started tutoring during my A-level studies at University College School. With the help of my own unique approach and distinct philosophy in teaching, I have, with extreme swiftness, climbed up the tutoring ladder since then- at just the age of 18- and clocked over 500 hours of tutoring experience. I now shamelessly nest right besides Phd-waving academics and qualified teachers when it comes to tutoring for the subjects that I consider to be within my area of expertise.

Since by success as a private tutor, I have now taken a gap year to undertake full- time tutoring. It is during this time that I have tutoring for a range of subjects ranging from 4 plus exams to adult Arabic Diploma courses. Due to being young whilst simultaneously being experienced, I possess the best of both worlds: being approachable and establishing an effective rapport while also have the utmost confidence to guide students through the different subjects I teach.

My main area of success in terms of tutoring has been with the common entrance exams and GCSE Science- although I do like to dabble with a bit of A-level Politics tutoring aswell. Through providing several unique services to my students, such as a tuition library, many of them have been accepted into some of the top schools in the country.

I believe that a tutoring session should only consist of three elements: the tutor, the tutee and a blank piece of paper. Textbooks are boring and makes lessons repetitive and rigid; in order to maximise the fulfilment of one’s potential, the art of pondering is key to add an extra dimension to a student’s learning. This is why my sessions are first and foremost focused on discussion. To me, everything that is ‘true’ has a logical process behind it. Therefore, if what we learn is ‘true’, then we must be able to arrive at those conclusions without needing textbooks. Alongside this, I prepare rigorously personalised academic programme for each student and track record progress reports for my parents