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Sabian is a warm and welcoming tutor who believes every tutee deserves an enjoyable learning experience focused around their individual needs. He believes learning is a two way process and listening to the tutee and making them feel listened to is paramount to their development.
With a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Loughborough University and experience working in renewable energy, architecture and 3D-modeling infrastructure, his background is very STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) focused and highlights a long standing passion for logical reasoning and problem solving.
Sabian’s ethos is to provide long-lasting support for tutees in teaching course material while focusing on methods that can be used to aid learning in future studies. This is in parallel to nurturing an understanding of what we can learn about ourselves from learning about the world.
He has several years of tutoring experience over a full academic range including working in community centres teaching groups, as a GCSE maths mentor in a secondary school, private work from primary up to post grad and most recently volunteering for the Action Tutoring Charity during the pandemic.
His hobbies include reading, gaming, keeping up with current affairs and issues as well as a love for the science of cooking.