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    Ruth Boon is an English and Creative Writing, Psychology and Theatre tutor. She has a Masters in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths University. Before studying for her Masters Ruth worked as a sales researcher for the financial technology start-up Cassini Systems. Previously she studied English with Creative Writing for her bachelors. She has written and edited various pieces of content writing, poetry and prose. As well as this, she has written a book which she is waiting to get published. Ruth is used to working with neurodiverse children and adults. Having just completed her first novel, she has hosted workshops on Humour Within Writing and Surrealism within writing for the Glasgow Stay @ Home Lit Fest. These workshop events involved meticulous planning of presentations, writing and collaborative exercises. Ruth believes in the power of in-depth, creative hard work.

    Having been raised in Hong Kong, Ruth is used to working with a multitude of people and has lots of experience tutoring English as a foreign language. She has strong communication and interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge about neurodiversity. As a result she loves working with children of different needs and backgrounds. Ruth believes its important that all children get a shot at a fair and fun education and makes it her passion to bring this forward in her tutoring.

    Ruth is interested in Creative Writing, English, Psychology and Theatre. Next year she is hoping to begin her PHD in Creative Writing with a focus on Surrealism.