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    Rebecca studies Creative Writing and English Literature at the University of Westminster, so far achieving a First Class Degree in the first two years of her course. As part of her degree she has specialised in Shakespeare and Victorian Literature. Rebecca began tutoring as an undergraduate in 2020, having now completed over 600 lessons. She teaches English Literature and Language, SATs, Creative Writing and 11+, all from primary up to GCSE level where applicable.

    Rebecca has experience working with SEND students with the ability to adapt her style to the way that encourages each individual to learn. She has worked with students that have ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, and has succeeded in ensuring that each student has felt comfortable, understood and that they have the ability to succeed in their subjects. Rebecca has taught many students that have a lack of confidence or dislike with her subjects. From this, she has learnt that creating a friendly and professional relationship with all of her students is important so that they understand that she is trustworthy, understanding and yet challenging, making the learning atmosphere more comfortable and enjoyable for any level. Rebecca has also taught high-achieving students that do enjoy their subjects, and Rebecca strives to challenge, develop and motivate them into going even further in their studies. Outside of tutoring Rebecca writes fiction and journalism, volunteers at a local theatre and is mentored by a novelist. She enjoys fashion, travelling, TV and film.

    Rebecca received 10 GCSEs including an A in English Literature, A* in Fine Art and Textiles Technology, and a B in English Language at the Spalding High School for Girls, a Grammar School with which Rebecca passed her 11+ to gain a place. Rebecca then went on to study Fashion and Clothing at Isle College in Cambridgeshire where she succeeded with Merit.