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    Ola has over five years of experience as a tutor, specialising in helping children excel in exams, from the 7+ entrance exams all the way up to GCSE Maths. Also, she has had great success with students helping them pass entrance exams (7+, 11+ and 13+) and gain admission to independent and grammar schools such as Dulwich College, Kings College, Emanuel, Westminster, Alleyns and Latymer. 

    Ola has two degrees in maths including a masters in Statistics. She believes that all children, no matter their age or ability, can achieve beyond expectations and this is why she is passionate about teaching. All children are unique with their own learning styles and she provides students with a personalised learning experience, as well as the additional support they need to reach their academic goals. Ola’s approach to teaching is to establish strong foundations and instil fundamental study skills that will serve them well academically and later in life. This will ensure that they become confident in their abilities and independent in their learning.