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Nick is an enthusiastic trainee teacher specialising in Maths and Physics and would like to share his passion for the subjects! Previously he has helped tutor English to non-native English speakers and has tutored Maths to first year university students as a volunteer. 

After finishing school, he studied Mathematical Physics at the University of Edinburgh and graduated with a first class degree before going on to do an MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces at Imperial College. Nick has found that the best way to learn and understand both Maths and Physics is to focus on the principals and from there work your way up to the more complex, rather than blindly remembering number and facts. 

At his school, Nick teaches mainly the sciences, from year sevens up to year elevens (and at times the sixth formers too). GCSEs are done using the Edexcel exam board whereas the 6th formers do IB rather than A-levels.