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    Nikki is an experienced and successful teacher who has worked across the Primary and Secondary sectors in the UK. She currently teaches in Year 6 at an excellent school in Covent Garden, London. She is driven and ambitious for all her pupils, delivering lessons that are highly- personalised, engaging and carefully planned to achieve just the right level of challenge for each individual student.

    Nikki specialises in teaching English Language and Literature, Primary (including 11+ preparation) and Art. Nikki has always had a love and talent for English: she gained one of the top 5 marks in the country in her own English Literature GCSE, achieved 5 A grades at A level and holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Bristol. Additionally, committed to being the very best practitioner she can be, Nikki achieved a Master’s degree in the Psychology of Education, also from Bristol University, in 2019. Nikki’s outstanding subject knowledge, coupled with a depth and breadth of teaching experience and a warm, relationships-focused approach ensure that her students feel motivated and supported and make excellent progress.