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Nicolas is an enthusiastic and passionate tutor with 3 years experience of tutoring professionally and another 2 voluntarily, this includes experience tutoring and homeschooling students with SEN. Over the years, Nicolas has worked with a variety of students from different backgrounds which resulted in him building an impressive CV of tutoring students with a variety of ages from 7+ all the way to GCSE & A-level studies, he also has experience with a number of exam boards such as Edexcel, AQA and OCR, as well as entrance exams to various selective schools.
Nicolas’ tutoring can be referred to as a modern twist to old fashion teaching. He aims to develop his student towards surpassing all their targets in their academic studies. He strives to accommodate his students the best way possible, keeping success in their studies at the forefront of the lessons. He is well versed at teaching children with different learning styles from visual learners and auditory learners to those with more individually tailored SEN. 
Nicolas builds his lessons uniquely upon the needs of his students so they are best tailored to help them in the amount of time they have. He always gives homework but tries to make it fun so not only does the student learn the content but learn to look forward to their lessons and enjoy the subject. Nicolas is available to provide longterm tutoring.
Nicolas is now studying Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Economics at a Russell Group university. His age allows him to have a fresh perspective about tutoring and exam-taking, which resonates with the students and makes them more comfortable taking his advice. Nicolas has a great ability to motivate his students to not only learn content but to learn to enjoy the subjects and put it to use in everyday life.