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Natalie W

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Natalie is an experienced primary teacher, who has taught at a range of inner city London schools, and has a strong creative background having completed a Fine Art degree specialising in sculpture. She is accustomed to providing for learners who have English as an additional language, catering to a range of different ages and learning styles and special education needs – these include children with: ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia and global processing delays. The combined experience means Natalie is inventive when producing resources to scaffold and support particular needs.

Having taught in Year 6 for 2 years, Natalie is adept at supporting and encouraging students to make accelerated progress, develop a positive and resilient attitude to their learning and fostering a learning environment where it is okay to make mistakes and actually view these as learning opportunities. Natalie is a strong believer in harnessing a student’s interests to motivate them for learning and her creative background enables her to make dynamic and fun activities that keep students engaged.

Natalie recently attended training on 7+ and 11+ for both subjects and is looking forward to putting this knowledge into practice alongside her teaching skills.

When not teaching, Natalie loves to indulge in the arts, whether that means taking a pottery class, life drawing or contemporary theatre.