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    Mira’s 15+ years of tutoring experience make her an extremely experienced and knowledgeable tutor with a deep confidence in herself as an educator. This in turn allows her to help her students learn how to learn by themselves, how to approach problems, how to think laterally and how to use knowledge and experience from all areas of their lives to bring interest, energy and independence to their own thought and modes of study. Mira finds this makes learning pleasurable for her pupils which enhances engagement and curiosity.

    She has worked extensively with agencies as well as in a freelance capacity and has experience with state, grammar, private and independent schools. She has taught over 150 children and young people from ages 5-21 and has experience with one-to-one tuition in students’ homes, long residential stays with families across the UK and internationally, with small groups of children at primary schools across London as well as home schooling excluded children through whole syllabi in multiple subjects and working with children in hospitals.

    Mira has experience with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and other special educational needs and has recently completed a one day dyslexia awareness training course (2019) with plans to gain her Accredited Level 5 Certificate in Dyslexia, Literacy, Support and Intervention.

    Mira is familiar with exam papers to the following schools, all of which her students have successfully entered: Dulwich College and Prep, City of London, GDST schools, Feltonfleet, James Allen’s Girls’ School (and JAPS), Alleyn’s, Colet Court, St Paul’s Boys and Girls, Westminster Choir School, King’s College, Westminster, St Marylebone School and Forest School among others.

    Mira is also a widely published fiction writer, poet and editor who is a Visiting Lecturer and Workshop Leader at the Royal College of Art’s Writing Programme as well as leading two six-week creative writing courses for adults.

    She is available for:

    – 7+ and 11+ tuition

    – Numeracy and literacy tuition ages 5-11

    – GCSE History, English, English Lit and other humanities

    – A Level English, Theatre Studies/Drama, History of Art, Psychology

    – University level and above English and Creative Writing

    – Essay and dissertation help and editing in any subject

    Her sessions can vary from flexible and student-led, to tightly planned and scheduled – depending on the (changing) needs and aims of the student and their care-givers at any given time. She has tutored since 2006 and finds it to be a rewarding and challenging career.