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    Mir Hashemi is a seasoned educator with over a decade of experience in guiding students towards academic excellence. His journey in teaching and private tutoring spans 11 years and covers a wide array of specifications including AQA, OCR, and Edexcel exam boards. Mir has produced remarkable results for the Charter, Dulwich, Jags and St Dunstan’s school students. Hundreds of Mir’s students achieve top grades, attesting to his dedication and expertise.

    Mir’s teaching philosophy centres on three key principles: building confidence, identifying learning gaps, and improving exam techniques. He excels in systematically dissecting past papers, enabling students to craft responses that shine even under pressure. Through interactive lessons, learning resources, and tailored activities, Mir ensures that each student can bridge their gaps and excel in their chosen subjects.

    Whether in one-on-one or group sessions, Mir’s commitment to your success is unwavering. He uses cutting-edge technology and proven strategies to make learning engaging and effective. His approach fosters subject mastery, bolsters self-assurance, and equips students with the skills needed for academic excellence.

    Mir is a total legend. Fabulous tutor who has done incredible work with [student]. Cannot rate him highly enough – my son loves his lessons and has totally rediscovered his love for chemistry.
    We are delighted with the tuition that Mir has given our son. He switched A levels subjects late in the Autumn term and his school gave him a month to catch up and take the same Chemistry progress tests as the rest of his year group cohort. It felt like quite a risk. However he has just received 98% & 100% on his two recent progress tests and needless to say we are very relieved. Mir has felt like a safe pair of hands.
    Mir gets to know the pupil and as a result can tailor his tuition accordingly. With this understanding, friendly approach and his past experience as a teacher, my daughter stated that Mir just ‘gets it’ in terms of GCSEs and the preparations, advice and practice needed. His sessions are always well organised, engaging and informative. He focuses on the practicalities of the GCSEs exams in terms for key topics, exam preparation and confidence building. I can’t stress enough how helpful and engaging his sessions have been for my daughter.