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    As a recent graduate of Oxford University, Maxim is keen to seize upon his academic experiences to inspire others. 

    Maxim brings commitment and drive to everything he does, having tutored over 50 students and delivered over 400 hours of tutoring.

    Maxim is particularly strong in politics, having achieved perfect scores in the A-Level UK Politics exams, with further success in American and international Politics at Oxford.

    The Oxbridge tutorial system is central to Maxim’s tutoring. These were in his own words “the best years of my life, with a learning experience I’m keen to share.”

    With an eye for detail and a desire to inspire people, Maxim is ideal for anyone wanting to get ahead as both a student and university applicant, having spent 100 hours mentoring students applying to Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and more.

    Maxim ran a summer school in 2019 for students from across the globe and also has experience tutoring SEN students.

    No matter what type of school a student is studying at, Maxim is keen to help ambitious students reach their potential.