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    Matt is a warm, engaging and experienced tutor who believes in the power of a personally tailored approach. He enjoys finding new ways to present tired subject matter and preparing his own materials to best suit his tutees’ needs, and loves nothing more than seeing a pupil flourish, whether that means getting into the school of their dreams or discovering a love of learning that will stay with them long past the end of their formal education.

    He has over fifteen years’ experience working as an educator from primary age to sixth form and has had success preparing tutees for entrance and scholarship exams at some of London’s most competitive schools, including Alleyn’s, Dulwich College, City of London, Whitgift, Trinity and King’s.

    He is also an award-winning novelist, journalist and memoirist and is soon to undertake a PhD in Creative Writing.

    In his own words: “Tutoring is hugely rewarding work that offers tutees and tutors alike the chance to delve deeper into their subject than is often possible in a classroom. I love the chance to work with young people, often across school years, to be their champion, and to help them discover a way of learning that works best for them.”

    ‘Matt has tutored both my sons for the last five years, both in Maths and English. His patient, kind and supportive manner has helped them develop both in confidence and skill, through entrance exams and now GCSEs. He recognised that my youngest son has some learning difficulties too, long before this was picked up at school. He is always adaptable and creative, tailoring each tutoring session to suit each child’s abilities and moods’
    ‘We couldn’t recommend Matt’s tutoring enough; he has been inspirational and really helped Violet to enjoy learning. He adds depth and interest to the subjects she’s studying at school, and is responsive to her interests – equally happy to deliver a lesson on philosophy or international politics as on persuasive writing or on the area of circles. He’s really brought out the best in her work and her confidence has increased substantially. Matt is always positive and encouraging and has been excellent at building a rapport with Violet, as well as being very flexible in his approach. He’s clearly hugely knowledgeable himself, loves sharing that with his students and is very effective at doing so in an accessible way – and he’s a lovely human being too.’
    Tom Fenton is a marvellous tutor, striking a perfect balance of erudition, encouragement, judicious pressure, kindness and humour. His work with my daughter produced stellar results in the form of three scholarships; I can’t recommend him too highly.