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Marco is a palaeontologist and currently contributes as a visitor research and science educator at the Natural History Museum, as well as delivering after-school-science clubs in primary schools and tutoring. He has obtained a PhD in Palaeontology from Imperial College London, and a MSc and BSc in Natural Science from the University of Milan. He feels lucky that he has been able to carry on following his childhood dreams to be a scientist, and is devoted to improving future generations engagement by nurturing and inspiring, stimulating critical thinking and a love of learning.

Marco has worked as a science educator in different countries, learning that teaching is a parallel and inspiring journey between the teacher and the students. He can tutor and support the student in Biology, Chemistry and General Science, not only on content from the curricula but also transmitting the enthusiasm that made him seek a scientific career. He has a lot of “behind the scenes of science” fun and inspiration facts that can really thrive learning. 

Marco’s mother tongue us Italian, and he has experience teaching English as a foreign language in Italy and Vietnam.  Apart from Science, his general passions are nature, cooking, playing music and learning new languages.