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Laura C


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    Laura is a qualified secondary school teacher, who holds a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages from Sheffield Hallam University and an MA in Translating for International Business from Salford Manchester University. She has been teaching Spanish to GCSE and A Level students in secondary schools and is familiar with both AQA and Edexcel examinations.

    Laura’s first language is Italian and she has been tutoring in Italian and Spanish for a number of years, providing one-to-one lessons to secondary school students as well as after-school clubs for younger children. Laura is a knowledgeable, encouraging, and charismatic teacher who loves everything about languages and is keen to help her students improve their skills and reach their goals. Learning a language is much more than being able to converse with people from different countries; it is a whole world that includes stories, festivities, beliefs, food, and much more. It is a bridge that let us see things from a different perspective and be more understanding. This is what Laura will get her students to explore together. 

    She prides herself on understanding her tutees and building lessons around their personality, needs, and interests. Lessons are engaging and interactive and include authentic resources as well as tasks based on exam questions. Because of her own personal experience, Laura enjoys teaching English as an additional language as well as literacy and numeracy to primary school children. She is also keen to work with students with SEN as she makes sure they feel confident and work at their own pace to reach their potential.