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    Lachlan has been tutoring, from Sweden, to Edinburgh, Tokyo and London, for the last seven years. Having grown up in Stockholm in a Swedish-Australian household, Lachlan moved abroad to pursue further education, after spending a gap year training swimming at an elite level in Sweden. After an unfortunate shoulder injury stopped his swimming career, Lachlan spent his newly found swimming-free time tutoring for Edinburgh University where he was completing an honours bachelor’s degree of mathematics. This was followed by a master of pure mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Now, Lachlan is doing a PhD in theoretical computer science at UCL in London, where he researches ways of modelling natural language, using abstract algebra and logic, with a particular focus on pronoun-modelling.

    With his vast experience of tutoring, as well as deep knowledge of mathematics and its applications, Lachlan can often help answer those profound frustrations young learners have with mathematics, where they often ask “why do I need to learn this?”, “what is this maths for?” or even more philosophical questions like “what is a theorem?”. Although he enjoys answering such foundational questions, Lachlan is also happy to scrap the philosophy and help students learn how to think of mathematics in a more pragmatic problem-solving way. Also, having balanced studies alongside elite sport in the past, Lachlan has often provided helpful advice for high-school students trying to find a balance between their studies and their lives.


    Lachlan has been outstanding in giving [the student] confidence in her Maths A Level. Two months ago, she was really struggling and said she didn’t want to do the exam. She has now done the first of three Maths exams, and she feels really happy about how it went. Lachlan has a great and ideal tutor manner, and has taken the time to get to know what [she] needs and given her strategies that apply specifically to her. He is also very generous with his time during sessions, which is much appreciated.

    I am really glad we got [the student] the support as it has turned things around for her. Fingers crossed for the next two papers!”