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Khadijah is an engaging and experienced tutor who has taught a wide range of students from primary school to A-Level. She is familiar with various exam boards as well as the current syllabus.

Khadijah has successfully completed her degree in Psychology, and due to her academic excellence, was awarded a scholarship to study Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience at a masters level at City, University of London. Her in-depth knowledge of these subjects makes her an excellent tutor for A-Level Psychology and Biology, as well as any science GCSE. Her last GCSE science student attained an A* in triple science. Khadijah likes to set out a study plan with her students, explaining any difficult concepts in depth and utilising her many past papers for the students to practice on.

Khadijah has also tutored many primary students (year 3-6) in Maths and English. Her experience with these students has taught her the skills needed to keep them interested in their studies, as well as expanding their knowledge on these topics. A current year 3 student of hers enjoyed her English lessons so much that she decided to teach her younger sister the same material!

Khadijah is also a part-time ABA therapist for autistic children and has also taught SEN students in the past. She aspires to become a Clinical Psychologist in the near future and her empathic and understanding nature makes her very suitable for this role. These skills make her very capable of tutoring a wide range of students with different abilities.

Overall, Khadijah is a friendly and encouraging tutor who believes that repetition is the key to success, therefore a large majority of her students achieve their academic goals. She is able to help with all forms of academic work such as: coursework, exam preparation, presentation skills and explanation of difficult topics.