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Karla is an experienced qualified teacher with a warm, patient and adaptable approach to tuition. She is an English Literature with Sociology graduate with over 5 years of primary school teaching and management experience. As part of her role as Lead for English across the school, she worked on identifying areas for development and amending the programme of study to create rich, interactive lessons for both students and staff. Karla has been teaching in year 6 for four years, which lends to having extensive knowledge of the assessment process and of child development throughout the key stages.

Karla specialises in teaching Maths and English KS1-2, KS2 SATs prep and 11+. Some of her 11+ students have been successfully awarded places at schools such as Eltham College, Blackheath High, Colfe’s, Cobham Hall and St Dunstan’s College. Karla has taught a number of students with SEN needs which is reflected in her adaptable tutoring style. When tutoring, Karla likes to create individually tailored sessions that deliver the curriculum in a fun and digestible way. Karla believes it is important to create a learning environment where pupils feel comfortable to ask questions, to make mistakes and to take risks. This, she reports, helps to boost knowledge and confidence in the subject area, which then has a significant impact on progress. Karla states that it is amazing to see that lightbulb go off and to see students gain in both confidence and the willingness to approach new challenges. Providing students with tools for success, regarding their learning, is what she loves about tutoring.


“I just wanted to give you some feedback on Karla who did about 12 tutoring sessions over 7 weeks with R. leading up to her ISEB exam to get into St Dunstan’s College next year.
R. is a bright student and we have never sought tutoring before as we have just let her learn at her own pace. But we were so impressed with St Dunstan’s College we wanted her to maximise her chances of getting in. We felt the isolation of lockdown this year had really knocked R’s confidence, especially in English Comprehension as she thrives in a classroom setting. We also wanted her to feel she knew what to anticipate in the exam as she’s prone to anxiety about certain things.
Karla instantly had a brilliant rapport with R. R. looked forward to her hourly session each time and it sounded like they’d know each other for years. I think if we had tried to do this much revision with R. there would have been a lot of push-back, even though her father is a teacher. After each session R. felt assured she understood the work they had gone through and we noticed her confidence noticeably improve week by week to the point she was genuinely relaxed by the time the exam came about.
So we were surprised and thrilled to get this email from the school yesterday asking R. to attend an Academic Scholarship interview. We never expected it (we were hoping to have a chance at the Art Scholarship) and I think credit is due in no small part to Karla for helping R. walk into that exam calm and confident.
We will be asking Karla to help R. prepare for the interview in January and would not hesitate to ask her to help us again in the future or recommend her to anyone wanting to help their children reach their potential.”