Jo S


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    Jo is an experienced and highly skilled tutor who specialises in English and literacy. She is passionate about learning and helping young people to develop the strategies, confidence and enthusiasm they need to support them through the rest of their education. Jo has a BA in English Literature and Language from UCL, an MA in Shakespeare in History from UCL, and a PGDip from the Royal Academy of Music. She believes it is incredibly important to develop a critical awareness in people at an early age, and she enjoys encouraging people to explore new concepts and express their opinions effectively through speech, writing, and the arts.

    Jo is a very kind and sensitive individual, who has developed a wide range of strategies to help students of all ages and abilities. She is a high achiever whose passion for her subjects is infectious. During her own secondary education she was awarded the top marks in the country for her GCSE and A-level English papers, and her A-level Psychology paper. At UCL she was twice winner of the Miriam Stahl prize.

    Having had to cope with dyslexia herself, Jo understands the difficulties and frustrations of not having access to written material, and she has an awareness of a variety of strategies, both personal and learnt, for overcoming such problems. She is very quick to recognise the moment when a student is on the point of giving up, and will change dynamic or approach accordingly in order to maintain their focus and co-operation. She enjoys motivating people to improve their technical ability in reading, writing and verbal communication, tailoring her approach to the needs of the individual.


    ‘Jo is terrific. Completely self reliant and self directed. She has been so great at improving our daughter’s evidencing in essays and rigor in analysis. ‘