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Jessie A


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    Jessie has been working as a private tutor since 2013, teaching students from 5 to 18. Her primary areas are 11+, 13+, Maths and French to GCSE, and English and History to A-level. Jessie studied History at the University of Cambridge before completing a Master’s in Modern History at King’s College London. She loves having an excuse to refresh her own knowledge by teaching a diverse range of historical periods. With GCSE and A-level students, Jessie works with the individual student to establish good working habits and examination skills, as well as building subject knowledge. With younger children, Jessie’s focus is on building confidence and developing skills that will allow them to continue learning successfully for years to come.

    Jessie has helped students gain admission to top schools at 11+ and 13+, including St Paul’s Girls’ School, Notting Hill and Ealing High School, the Tiffin Girls’ School, Emanuel School and Whitgift School. As a teacher at the Lyceum School, she particularly enjoyed supporting Year 6s with the transition to secondary school. She has also tutored History students for university admission, and has a detailed knowledge of the Oxbridge application process.

    Jessie is a patient, engaging and highly adaptable tutor who values the relationship between teacher and pupil. She is keen to instil confidence in students and allow them to work things out for themselves where possible. Jessie is always willing to take the time to ensure a student has fully grasped all aspects of a problem. She is sympathetic to a variety of different needs and has experience of working with dyslexic pupils.

    Outside tutoring, Jessie works as a producer of theatre and opera. Successful producing requires excellent communication skills and absolute determination – both of which she tries to encourage in her students. Jessie likes to marry her interests by devising inventive learning and engagement programmes for her productions, and often runs workshops to introduce secondary school students to theatre and opera. She also serves as a governor at Oaklands School in Bethnal Green.