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Jacob L



Jacob has a BA (Hons) and Master of Philosophy in Classics from Cambridge University, and specialises in humanities, including English, History, Philosophy, Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. He is currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Kent and teaches at the University of London.

Jacob is also a fully qualified teacher who has taught full-time in both the independent and state sectors. He has over 1000 hours of tutoring experience from Years 5 to undergraduate, and has helped tutees realise their potential to achieve their targets at 11+, 13+, GCSE, AS, A Level and undergraduate level. Recently, Jacob has helped 11+ students secure places at Dulwich College, 13+ students at Winchester, Eton, Harrow, Westminster, St Paul’s, Mill Hill, City of London School for Boys and Merchant Taylor’s, as well as helping A Level students gain places at Oxbridge.

He has considerable experience in working with students of a wide range of abilities, including those with SEND needs. Having identified the student’s goals with parents and teachers, he is able to create schemes of work that supplement school work to help tutees increase their critical thinking skills, knowledge and exam technique. His strengths are his enthusiasm, his breadth of knowledge and his ability to help students break down complex ideas into digestible, bite-sized units so that they can work more effectively with greater independence and confidence.


“Jacob has been tutoring my son for 8 years since he was aged 9 in a range of subjects including Latin, Greek, English language and Classical Civilisation. Jacob has been instrumental in introducing my son to Classics and nurturing in him an enduring passion for learning. It is Jacob who instilled in my son enough academic confidence to enable him to gain entry to one of the most prestigious schools and, when my son achieved the highest grades in his GCSEs in all of the Classics subjects and moved to engineering in his A-levels, he remained committed to his tutorial with Jacob, which, by then, they developed into a study of the Philosophy of Science. Jacob adopts a Socratic method of teaching, engaging students in an active and passionate enquiry into the subject they cover as well as into its practical applications to their everyday reality.”