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    Isabel studied English Literature at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, where she graduated as a scholar with First Class Honours. As part of her degree she specialised in Shakespeare and American Literature.

    Isabel began tutoring as an undergraduate and went full time in 2020, gaining so far over 700 hours of experience. She teaches a variety of subjects, having studied Maths, English, History, Physics, and Classics at sixth form. Isabel can teach English up to a degree level, Classics and History up to A Level, maths, physics and other humanities up to GCSE. Isabel has high success rates with 11+ exams especially, having experience in teaching children applying for Dulwich, Trinity, St Pauls and Westminster.

    Isabel has experience working with disabled and at-risk children in a care environment, volunteering with charities and also nannying. She has years of experience volunteering in prisons, working with incarcerated young offenders, offering them mentorship and support in creative writing and life-skills. She has tutoring experience working with students with ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia. Isabel has learnt that it is important not to talk down to children – she aims for a tutee-tutor relationship of mutual respect and consideration, where trust and familiarity can be built up without discipline breaking down. Isabel prizes above all else getting a child to enjoy a subject – as hard-work will then naturally follow.

    Outside of tutoring Isabel writes fiction, volunteers, works as an assistant to the literary agent Simon Trewin, and is an editor for the online magazine ‘Visual Verse’. She enjoys cooking, dancing, TV and film.

    Having received and 12 A*’s, 1 A** at GCSE, and 2 A*’s and 3 A at A and AS Level, Isabel is well aware of how to prepare for exams and achieve high marks, but without sacrificing the rest of one’s life. She has perfected efficient and effective methods for revision and exam technique. She understands that all children are able, but confidence is what bring a student to success. Isabel always creates tuition plans for the parent and student, so that they always know what goals need to be achieved by a certain time – setting benchmarks helps break down the sometimes intimidating task at hand.