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    Ikechukwu is an experienced online tutor who has just completed his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick. He has tutored students from KS3 to A-level over the past year. During this time he has been able to help students tackle topic areas they find challenging by breaking down the concepts into smaller and easier steps that will assist students when practising questions. He recently worked with a GCSE student who was working at a grade 6 two months before their final exams to achieve a grade 8/9 in their final mock exams.

    Ikechukwu is an interactive and engaging tutor, whose sole purpose is to create an atmosphere where his students are comfortable to ask as many questions as possible and never feel ashamed of making mistakes when answering exam-style questions. It is through this attribute as well as his excellent communication, that he is able to assist his students in developing their confidence and understanding in their challenging areas. Alongside his academic achievements, Ikechukwu has participated in several engineering projects and assignments during his Mechanical Engineering degree, such as the improved gearbox design of a lightweight motorcycle for India’s 3rd largest manufacturing company, TVS Motors, using sophisticated software such as Abaqus. Furthermore, he is also learning how to code using Python and has experience using MATLAB.