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    Igor graduated in Psychology from the University of Gloucestershire and was awarded First Class Honours and the highest grade amongst his cohort. After really enjoying the educational modules and spending five months volunteering in a school in Nepal, Igor decided to pursue a career in teaching. Igor completed his teacher training at the University of Bristol, a top 10 UK university, in modern foreign languages (Spanish & German) and is fully qualified.

    Igor has taught GCSE and A-level Spanish in schools for more than three years. He has experience in both AQA and Edexcel exam boards. He is also an examiner for Edexcel, which gives him an in-depth understanding of the requirements to be successful in exams.

    Igor is extremely passionate about language learning and, as a native Spanish speaker, has a strong subject knowledge and cultural understanding. His educational philosophy is a learner-centred approach in which students develop their subject knowledge through cycles of inquiry, action and reflection. Students are active participants in the learning process and his aim is to cultivate a love of learning a foreign language.

His lessons are underpinned by retrieval practice and the belief that it is not about memorising facts or words, but about being given the opportunity to use, manipulate and produce new language in a safe environment. He likes to incorporate a range of platforms (SENECA, Linguascope, Blooket, The Language Gym) to his teaching in order to make lessons engaging and improve students’ outcomes.