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Honor recently graduated with a distinction in her MA in Public History at Royal Holloway University of London and is looking forward to beginning a History PhD in September 2021.

Honor is passionate about history and making the past interesting to her tutees. For her final project, she worked closely with the National Curriculum to create a history podcast for children, this received excellent feedback from children and acknowledgment from popular Horrible History producer, Greg Jenner.

She believes it is essential to build strong rapport with her tutees, enhancing imagination and curiosity before tackling complex historical concepts. Honor focuses on developing skills in general essay writing, argument building, source analysis, exam techniques and research skills.

She specialises in modern British history but has a broad understanding of concepts and processes linking to a variety of historical topics.

As well as history tutoring, Honor has tutored a variety of topics alongside her studies and on the side of her current role as a TA in a local secondary school. She has learnt to be patient and develop control in her lessons, with her recent experience as a TA showing her a variety of different learning styles, improving her confidence as an educator in all subjects across the curriculum.

Honor is currently tutoring English to two tutees moving into year 5 in September and has a strong grasp of the 11+ curriculum.