Hestia is a dedicated private tutor and mentor with over 10 years experience preparing children for all types of entrance exams (11+ and Common Entrance) and GCSEs/A levels. 

Hestia can provide coaching for interview and exam technique, home schooling and mentoring. For those students applying to enter Higher Education in the Arts, she can provide advice and assistance in assembling a creative portfolio.

With a BA in Fine Art Drawing and an MFA in Computational Studio Arts, currently writing up a PhD in Art and Design, Hestia is a practicing writer, artist and researcher whose approach to study is creative. This background, combined with her academic strengths, allows her to provide engaging, flexible and effective all-round support in all core subjects as well as computing and the arts up to GCSE. At A Level and beyond she can provide specialist tuition across the Arts, in Media and Technology, and in English Literature.

In recent years Hestia has chosen to work primarily with students who have been diagnosed with or feel they may have specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dyspraxia, with autistic and ADHD students, and with students for whom illness, disability or struggles with mental health mean that they require extra academic support. A student-centred neurodivergence- led approach is at the heart of her teaching practice and she makes it a priority to identify and work with any underlying issues such as confidence and disengagement with the learning process, which may be a cause of academic difficulty. Students find her friendly, emotionally supportive, interested and interesting.

Hestia’s many past students have been happily placed at St Paul’s Girls’ School, City of London Girls, Sydenham High School For Girls, Kings College Wimbledon, Oundle, Wycombe Abbey, Uppingham, Godolphin, Westminster Choir School, and Emmanuel to name just a few schools. She has a history of working with families closely over long periods of time, often working with siblings of past students and on personal recommendation.’


Hestia’s patience combined with a calm and friendly attitude really helped our daughter N to be more patient herself and to take more thought in her learning process. In amongst the maths and english tuition Hestia also taught N to crochet, and placed a high value on N’s other interests, which has helped N to grow into herself as both an interested and interesting human being!
N ( currently at a state primary) was awarded scholarships at both sydenham and streatham &clapham, and more importantly was offered her dream place at City of London Girls.
Thanks Hestia!


Hestia has been enormously helpful in helping Honor gain confidence in exam technique as well as being a brilliant font of all maths and science knowledge. She is incredibly personable and has a great rapport with Honor, we will miss her twice weekly sessions and hope that we are able to employ her again when Honor is approaching her A-Level exams.