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Helen R

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Helen is a fully qualified teacher of 30+ years experience, with a B.Ed(Hons) degree from Middlesex University, and has worked for most of her career with individuals and small groups of pupils, in both primary and secondary schools.

In 2010 she became an accredited Numbers Count teacher, initially delivering this highly successful 1:1 Maths programme developed by Edge Hill University, in a London primary school. For the past 5 years she has built upon this practise, working in collaboration with colleagues to develop their own high quality Maths interventions, and has become particularly skilled in working with children who have Dyscalculia or find particular areas of mathematical learning difficult, from lower primary through to secondary level.

Much of Helen’s wider teaching experience has been in the area of Learning Support, working closely with students having variety of needs, including Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ASC, ADHD, language delay/disorder as well as general learning difficulties. As an individual learning support teacher she has worked with students across all areas of the curriculum, including literacy, phonics & fine motor skills.

Helen takes a creative, multi sensory and child centred approach to teaching and learning; at all times recognising differing learning styles, backgrounds and abilities, and aiming to develop the full potential of every pupil, through empathy and understanding. Her belief that learning should ultimately be enjoyable leads her to constantly look for new and creative activities with which to engage her students, often stemming from their own interests, incorporating games and practical resources. She identifies challenges and gaps in learning, and plans lessons with a clear progression, consistently monitoring students’ progress and building upon prior understanding.

Helen specialised in Art as part of her degree in Education, and is also a practising artist.

She has worked as a teacher artist in many schools and other settings, planning and implementing creative visual arts projects that emphasise the acquisition of children’s emotional and social development. She is able to plan and deliver creative projects and support for pupils that will develop their confidence & self esteem, as well as working with children studying Art who require scaffolding techniques to help develop their ideas and skills.