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Helen R


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    Helen is a vibrant, enthusiastic tutor with nearly ten years experience. She places emphasis on tutee’s confidence and relationship to education within her structured lessons. Helen works hard to enable students to think independently and creatively and most importantly, to enjoy their extra study time outside of school. Helen tailors her lessons and teaching style to each individual tutee’s needs ensuring that they not only understand the work but also feel understood themselves.

    She is an experienced 7+, 8+ and 11+ tutor and has helped several students study for and pass various exams including (not limited to) Alleyn’s, JAGs, Dulwich College, St Dunstans, Kings, St Paul’s, Tiffins and the highly competitive English bilingual program at the Lysee International de Londres. Having been through the 11+ system herself, Helen understands the pressure and stress of the application and the best ways to make it as enjoyable and productive as possible for tutees and parents alike. She is also experienced in teaching SEN, having several long term relationships with dyslexic, dyspraxic and autistic students.

    Helen specialises in early years learning, primary support across all subjects, the 11+ and drama and English up to A Level.

    Outside of teaching, Helen is an enthusiastic cook, an avid theatre goer and loves going to galleries and taking advantage of the many cultural opportunities in South London and across the city.