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Gus holds a first-class degree in Human, Social and Political Sciences from Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He achieved 11 A*s at GCSE, and three A*s and an A at A-level whilst attending Westminster School. He understands how to consistently achieve the highest marks and enjoys imparting this knowledge to students. He believes that tutoring is fundamentally about inspiring interest in the subject and confidence in one’s own ability, endeavouring to make his lessons both engaging and empowering.

Gus is an enthusiastic and dedicated tutor with 6 years of experience. He has tutored students from ages 7 to 18 in a range of subjects, invariably establishing a strong rapport with the student, a relationship of trust with the parents and a marked improvement in academic engagement and performance.

He has helped younger students gain acceptance to schools including Westminster, Dulwich College, City of London and Highgate. He knows first-hand how daunting this experience can be for the student having undergone the process himself when moving from Dulwich College Preparatory School (now known as Dulwich Prep London) to Westminster School via the appropriately-named Westminster entrance exam, “The Challenge”. He endeavours to set the student’s mind at ease and provide them with the resources to approach the exams with confidence.

He has helped GCSE and A-level students to achieve significantly higher grades than they were originally predicted in English, Maths, History and the Sciences. He has extensive experience with the Edexcel, AQA, OCR and CIE exam boards and is equally comfortable tutoring in-person or online.