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Greta graduated from the University of Oxford 2019 with a top class degree in Fine Art. She has worked in various teaching and pastoral roles with children and teenagers for the past 8 years, including at Whitgift Summer school, and is continuing this work through tutoring.
Having completed the 11+ and gaining a place at JAGS herself, she has a good understanding of what is needed to achieve a place at the top independent schools in the city, and is knowledgeable about other independent schools in the Dulwich area, such as Alleyn’s or Dulwich College. She has been through the application and interview process for Oxbridge, gaining a place at St John’s College, and is able to support students with their application and interview preparation.
Her in-depth knowledge of Fine Art means she is available for tuition for GCSE and A-Level Art. Additionally, she is able to offer portfolio and interview prep to those applying to art school, as well as offering art lessons to primary and younger secondary students. Greta brings enthusiasm and creativity to the lessons with the students she works with, encouraging them to fulfil their potential and develop their ability for independent thinking.