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Greg has been tutoring maths for over seven years and is passionate about doing and teaching maths.

From a wealth of tutoring experience, he is able to assess what each student needs and then deliver the content in a style and pace that works for them.  He uses as many different methods (diagrams, words, analogies) as possible to explain a concept until you are confident enough that you can explain it to him (or anyone else… the cat… the goldfish!).  His patience and his friendly nature create a nurturing and supportive environment in which to learn.

He aims to make his sessions fun – and a lot can be achieved in an hour especially if it is made enjoyable. Maths is amazing, and if you didn’t think that previously, you will by the end of the session!

Greg has taught a wide range of students from those starting their journey in maths to those at University. He has a lot of specific experience helping students towards their 11+, 13+, GCSE and A-Level examinations and he has successfully helped students prepare for 11+, 13+, and 16+ examinations in maths, non-verbal & verbal reasoning. The students were applying for schools including: Latymer Upper, Eton, St Pauls, Godolphin & Latymer, Ibstock, Dulwich, City of London, Sevenoaks, and Uppingham. All his students received a place at their preferred school, enabled by Greg’s teaching and support.

His other passion is art! He recently completed an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art.   He finds the creative process in art and maths very similar, whether solving a problem in maths or creating something in art, there is a difficulty involved which forces you to think, pause, and give your mind some space to find a solution. This is followed by immense satisfaction once a result is achieved.