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    Gabriel is an unfailingly positive, friendly and supportive London-based tutor who aims to inspire his students with his natural enthusiasm and his patient, cooperative approach to tutoring. He prides himself on his ability to create a genuine rapport with his pupils, and firmly believes that academic growth is most effectively achieved when accompanied by a good-humoured atmosphere between tutor and student. He read Italian and History at the University of Edinburgh, before undertaking a Masters degree in Latin American Studies at Leiden University.
    Gabriel has tutored in a variety of subjects in a diverse range of settings with students of various cultural backgrounds and ages, including Spanish, History, Italian and English as a foreign language. However, he specialises in one-on-one tuition to 11+ students for schools such as Highgate and Westminster, and is naturally skilled at providing clarity and confidence in situations of doubt, with a knack for breaking down difficult mathematical concepts into manageable steps. He also loves to spark imagination using engaging comprehension texts and creative writing techniques. As a CELTA-qualified EFL teacher, Gabriel has provided extensive one-on-one tuition to English learners, overseeing huge improvements in their ability to converse and express themselves both verbally and in written form.
    Gabriel is an avid language learner, and has taken the initiative to develop his fluency, travelling to Italy and Spain to take language courses, which also gave him the opportunity to observe language teachers and different teaching styles, and the personal attention required of a good tutor. Gabriel is also fascinated by History, particularly that of Colonialism and Modernity. He also enjoys expressing himself creatively: he has written several articles published online covering topics such as travel, philosophy and music, and is currently taking an acting course.