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    Finlay is an enthusiastic and engaged tutor who believes in helping students achieve academic success by building confidence and instilling a passion and curiosity for the subject. He has 3 years experience tutoring age ranges 8-18, and has successfully tutored students for entrance examinations to Alleyn’s, St Dunstan’s, Dulwich College and many others, as well as academic scholarships to St Dunstan’s, Dulwich College, Trinity and Whitgift.

    Finlay holds a First Class Honours Degree in English Literature from Trinity College Dublin and won a prestigious Entrance Exhibition Award for his studies at university. He has a love of teaching English and Drama, working closely with both students and parents, whilst also ensuring that his student’s work aligns closely with what is expected of them by the exam boards so they can achieve the highest grades possible.

    “My family and I just moved to London from the United States last fall. My oldest son is in year 6 and we quickly discovered that in addition to the need to prepare for the 11+, the American English and grammar standards are quite different from those in the UK. My son has always been advanced in his studies in the US, so when we realized that his grades were not what he was used to, we knew we needed to secure a tutor after school. We requested a reference from my son’s English teacher who put us in touch with Finlay in October and we’ve been working together ever since.

    Finlay is always prompt and very pleasant. He typically comes to our home to tutor twice per week for a total of 3 hours and has come more frequently in weeks leading up to my son’s entrance exams. It’s clear that Finlay has a passion for this type of work, as he’s been marvelous at keeping my son motivated and excited, even during double sessions.. They work together on creative writing, grammar, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, among other areas.

    Over the course of the months, we’ve seen a distinct difference in my son’s grades and the quality of his writing – he even had one of his passages selected for publication, which was an especially proud moment for my son.

    As a parent who has been fretting over the entrance exams, we were delighted this week when we received notification that our son scored satisfactory testing results to continue on to the interview phase at one of his top choice schools for next year! [he since went on to receive a place at Whitgift, his first choice school]. We largely credit Finlay’s masterful tutelage, dedication and encouragement to helping our son with this accomplishment.”

    “I would highly recommend Finlay. He is extremely able and bright, interesting and motivated in his teaching. Always reliable, punctual and prepared for lessons. He gives effective feedback on progress and moreover all students say he is fun, sociable and very good.

    My son achieved an academic scholarship to all his schools at 13 plus and I know Finlay played a large part in that success.”