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Eva F

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Eva is a friendly, enthusiastic and patient tutor. She fully believes learning will flourish in a supportive and fun environment, combined with a thorough understanding of the child and their needs. 

Eva studied at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama where she attained a first class degree. During her training Eva was proud to be awarded both the Gold Medal for Acting and the Michael Bryant award for Shakespeare verse-speaking. After graduating she was delighted to be invited back to teach – she regularly directs on the Guildhall Summer School course, teaches on the Preliminary Acting Course, and also gives acting classes to opera singers. At school Eva was a conscientious and motivated student, and achieved 9 A*s and 2 As at GCSE (receiving “Outstanding Performance in GCSE Drama” placing her in the top 10 UK students). She also received full marks for History of Art at AS level. At A2, Eva achieved 2 A*s and an A in English, Drama and French. 

Eva has worked part time as a Teaching Assistant for five years. She first started as an SEN TA at Spa School, London’s largest state secondary school for children with autism. This is where her passion grew, and where she developed her experience with students with a range of additional learning needs. Eva greatly enjoys the challenge of adapting her teaching methods to each individual. She encourages progress and success in each of her students, and brings fun and creativity to every class. 

Eva takes great pleasure in listening to and playing music. She plays the piano to Grade 8 standard. She is an experienced piano teacher for young beginners, and brings a lot of energetic fun to her lessons.

When not tutoring or teaching, Eva goes to the theatre as much as she can, and enjoys making terrible cakes at the weekends! 


“I just asked T. why he likes you and he said because you’re kind and you make it fun and you’re go go go!

I am really pleased with how things are going as you are patient, you take cues from T. so if you see he’s struggling you’ll slow down or ensure he knows it’s ok to guess/not know and more than anything you seem to genuinely enjoy speaking to him. You’re also very encouraging.

I love that you are prepared for the sessions. Because they are short sessions I really appreciate that you have already prepared the work you’ll do in advance with him and you tailor it so he feels like it’s just for him.

I also love that you go through the homework you set with him the following week and and you set manageable and interesting activities for him.

You have managed to build a rapport with him very quickly and I think that’s mainly because you’ve taken the time to listen to him and you are a natural at speaking with this age group.”


“Eva is a fantastic tutor and I would not hesitate to recommend to any family. She always makes lessons enjoyable, engaging our 10 year old as effectively as our 6 year old. I have seen tangible progress in their learning and they always look forward to sessions. Eva gives sensible homework and communicates helpful feedback to us too.”