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Eliot is a tutor who believes patience, enthusiasm and adaptability are the key to helping students learn efficiently and with enjoyment. Finding something genuinely interesting or fun helps it stay in the mind infinitely better. Discovering what that may be for each student can make the hoop jumping of exams far more bearable as well as easier.

Eliot has a BA in English Literature from the University of Bristol, which she achieved alongside founding her own theatre company for which she wrote regular full length plays and musicals. She then tutored a range of subjects to A-Level standard for a year before training for two years at LAMDA, where she graduated with an MfA in Professional Acting this summer.

As part of her training, she toured performing and discussing Shakespeare in schools for a range of high school ages.

At school in Manchester, Eliot achieved 7A*s and 2As at GCSE, and A* (English) A* (Drama) A (History) at A-Level.  Her place at the University of Bristol came with the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship (for students with exceptional musical, dramatic or sporting talent).

When Eliot isn’t teaching or auditioning, she loves to write, read and explore new parts of London.