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    Ed is an encouraging, empathetic, supportive, and positive tutor who cares a great deal about his pupils and about the subjects he teaches. He believes that the role of the teacher is to act as a catalyst to inspire the student’s own interest in what they are learning. Once this core value has been sparked, he has learned that a student will be naturally more motivated to strive for success. He fosters a sense of self-belief and tenacity in his students that allows them to exceed expectations.

    Ed would be a fantastic choice for Entrance exams to the top South London schools.  He has had tutored at 7+, 11+ and 13+ and had success with multiple schools in the local area. 

    Ed has been tutoring English Literature and Creative Writing for over five years, and has worked with children and university students since 2009. His students have been very successful due to the work ethic he imparts, which allows them to constructively identify and address their own areas of weakness.

    He specialises in helping children’s comprehension skills, time-management, essay structure and expression, and self-confidence. He has a TEFL certificate from International House, and his experience in tutoring English as a foreign language to children from various different parts of the world has taught him effective communication strategies.

    In addition to his literary pursuits, Ed is a multi-instrumentalist who has both studied and tutored music production, music technology, and songwriting. He has worked as an engineer and producer from his private studio at GBL in East London, and he plays in various musical projects. He is in the process of writing his third album which will be released in November of 2018.

    He is also the father of two beautiful boys, practices yoga and meditation, and is an avid photographer.


    Ed has been tutoring my 9 year old son in English for almost a year, and it has made an enormous difference to his confidence, his engagement and enthusiasm, and his performance at school. We couldn’t be happier about how it has worked out. 

    My son enjoys the lessons – Ed makes them fun, and they have formed a great bond, despite it mostly being virtual. They’ve read a number of books together, exploring different themes and approaches to stories, and learning lots of new vocabulary along the way. Ed has for the first time got my son interested in putting pen to paper, working out what he likes writing and encouraging him in that direction. 

    The teachers at school have noticed a big difference, and it has been a very worthwhile investment from our perspective. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ed to other parents.



    Our ten year old son had weekly English tutorials with Ed during his last year of primary school. We were extremely happy with the work Ed did with him, and were very pleased we had chosen Ed as his tutor. He worked very hard to get to know our son and always tailored work to suit his needs, and interests. He took things at our son’s pace, whilst also gently stretching him and building his confidence. He often gave us very helpful feedback and was always extremely flexible and positive in his approach. We would wholeheartedly recommend Ed to anyone looking for a tutor for their child.