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David loves tutoring. He has a passion for maths and strongly believes that patient explanation, encouragement, praise and support can improve all students’ grades and performance. Whether a student is struggling with basic concepts and is finding it hard to keep up with classroom lessons, or the student wants to improve on an already good understanding, David’s aim is to boost both their confidence and ability. People learn at different paces and in different ways and David works with his students to find the approach that best suits them.

David has had strong client feedback. The mother of an A2 student (OW in SW19) said: “David is very knowledgeable and thorough. He is polite and friendly and my son can relate to him. He knows his stuff, explains it well and goes that extra mile to ensure understanding of subject.”

Another parent (CS in SW19) said: “David is a very calm and encouraging tutor. He prepared our son really well for his AS Maths and generally increased his confidence. David is a very charming person and I would recommend him very highly. I only wish we had found him earlier.”

Another mother (DW in SW20) said: “David has been an absolutely charming and extremely knowledgeable tutor. He has helped my son enormously in preparing him for his Maths AS exams and I intend to use his services next year. He is patient and engaging and I highly recommend him to any parents looking for a tutor if their child is struggling with any topics in Maths.”

And a mother (SG in KT3), who is a teacher, said: “David’s patient and professional approach had an immediate impact and I saw my son’s subject knowledge, understanding and confidence grow under his careful guidance. My son even started enjoying Maths again!”